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Kaitlin Pike

“If we are going to solve the world’s most pressing problems, we must put the power of the Web to work – its technologies, its business models, and perhaps most importantly, its philosophies of openness, collective intelligence, and transparency. And to do that, we must take the Web to another level. We can’t afford incremental evolution anymore.”

- Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle, “Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On”

Web 2.0 Expo is about much more than business development and learning useful new skills. It’s about disrupting and changing the system we live in.

We value those who work to better our community, whether that’s the local area or in the world community. Because of this, we are again setting up a Non-Profit Pavilion. This Web 2.0 Expo tradition has hosted such organizations as ChangingthePresent, Amoration, Creative Commons, Donorschoose, Knowmore, Social Actions, USIBA and the University of Denver CIS Program.

If you’re a non-profit organization that is using Web 2.0 technologies to support your cause, mission, or community goals, we invite you to apply for a spot in our Pavilion.

We will choose 10 non-profits to participate in the Pavilion (located on the Expo floor). Each organization will be supplied with a booth space, on-site branding and inclusion in the events guide, completely free of charge.

To apply, fill out the form below. The deadline to apply is September 27.

Organizations must be a registered 501c3 to participate. Space is limited to 10 non-profits. An internal Web 2.0 Expo committee will select the booth recipients and announcements will be made the week of September 28.

Thank you.


Kaitlin Pike is the Community Manager of Web 2.0 Expo. She can be reached @w2e.

Gray Area Foundation for the the Arts

GAFFTA founder and executive director Josette Melchor shares stories -

Since 2005, she has been working towards opening three art spaces in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. She speaks about the importance of arts education, choosing a location, and what her organization teaches artists about digital marketing.

Community Partner Women 2.0:

An organization committed to increasing the number of women entrepreneurs starting high growth ventures by providing the resources, network, and knowledge for the launch and growth of their company. Join our mailing list at

Max Gladwell of the Huffington Post wrote an interesting article today titled: 10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

For most of us, social media has changed our lives in some meaningful way. Collectively it is changing the world for good.

He showcases a list of 10 non-profits including SalaamGarage, an organization that leads trips that combine cultural immersion travel with citizen journalism collaborating with NGOs around the world.

The idea is that social media has enabled each of us to have an audience. Whether through Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, or a personal blog, each of us can have influence and reach. What’s more, it can be used for good. SalaamGarage coordinates trips for citizen journalists (that means you) to places like India and Vietnam in conjunction with non-government organizations like Seattle-based Peace Trees. The destination is the story, as these humanitarian journalists report on the people they meet and discoveries they make. Their words, images, and video are posted to the social web to gain exposure and because these stories just need to be told.

Gladwell notes that “this is not a top-10 list, nor are these listed in any particular order. It’s also incomplete.” Please contribute to the conversation by posting a comment to his article and use #10ways in your tweets.

I highlight SalaamGarage because founder Amanda Kostner presented a keynote in our most recent Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco, which you can view here.