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Many of our workshops and sessions at Web 2.0 Expo focus on the mechanics of how to compete in your industry using social media. But speaker Andy Smith wanted to take a different approach with his upcoming session Harnessing Social Media to Build Brands. In his talk, he’ll take a deep dive into the psychological insights explaining which social media strategies work and which don’t.

andy-smithAndy will go over the science of social persuasion, the strategies and tactics used by companies, as well as causes that have successfully harnessed social media toward a specific goal. Andy recently spoke with us about his upcoming talk, his new book The Dragonfly Effect, and how brands can improve their social media marketing strategies with a bit more thought.

We also discussed how happiness and marketing go together (including a great example about a Coca-Cola machine), how social media helped find an almost impossible bone marrow match for a patient, and “infectious action.”

Check out our full audio interview with Andy now.


Kaitlin Pike is the Web 2.0 Expo community manager. She can be reached @w2e or @kcpike. Register for Web 2.0 Expo SF now with  discount code websf11bl20 to save 20%.

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