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Web 2.0 Expo Speaker Scott Porad believes new developers should write and commit code to production software on day one, before they’re even given the chance to set up and get cozy in their desks.

As CTO of Cheezburger, Inc. (the company behind i can has cheezburger? and Fail Blog), Scott has a key role in hiring and directing how developers are trained. Last fall he wrote a somewhat controversial post on his blog about his hiring and training practices. (Allow me to kill the controversy here: New employees actually do get shown the bathroom.) Boiled down, his philosophy revolves around making employees and the team happy:

scott-porad3“Developers are probably like most employees in every job which is when you’re happy and excited and engaged with what you’re doing, you’re a 100 times more creative and productive and successful than if you come in and are trudging away stamping out widgets every day,” Scott said.

Because he received such immense feedback from the community about his post, he’s coming to Web 2.0 Expo this spring to hold a session based in part on it: We Don’t Show New Employees the Bathroom Until They’ve Checked In Code.

Scott recently spoke with us about his upcoming session as well as

  • His team building philosophy
  • Why teams with better social skills work better together
  • The technical challenges of running Cheezburger, Inc.’s sites
  • What Cheezburger, Inc. has planned for the future
  • Eating M&M’s with chopsticks
  • His favorite Internet meme
  • Does everyone at Cheezburger, Inc. speak like an LOL Cat?

Check out the full interview for more!


Kaitlin Pike is the Web 2.0 Expo community manager. She can be reached @w2e or @kcpike. To see Scott speak, register for Web 2.0 Expo SF now with  discount code websf11bl20 to save 20%.

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    [...] Why Not to Show New Employees the Bathroom Until They’ve Checked in Code (interview with Cheezburger CTO Scott Porad). “We got a gift…an extremely large bowl of [...]

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